Jon Stanners

11:15 – 12:15

Jon Stanners, Head of Global Talent Engagement, Telefonica Alpha

First and foremost I’m a Dad and a husband and these things most certainly bring balance in my life. The rest of my time is all about people, especially those with an exceptional talent. I am an experienced traditional Recruiter who found content marketing as a way to engage the talent community.

My uncontrolled curiosity drives me to innovate in the Talent industry, building new brands that are famous for being great employers. I can be found at most industry conferences collaborating with industry peers, sharing my learnings in high energy talks and often providing different thinking.

Professional experience – It may sound rather obvious, but the only things I want to pursue are those I am good at; Marketing, building brands, engagement, disruptive tech – No process things or anything traditional HR, I tend to leave that to the folk whom are much better than me. My focus is to look at and explore different ways of working for the Talent, for me it’s about them.

TOPIC: Act & Engage Differently to get Ahead in Recruitment

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