In-house Recruitment LIVE! 2017 Highlights - In-house Recruitment LIVE!

In-house Recruitment LIVE! 2017 Highlights

Highlights from In-house Recruitment LIVE!

Our much anticipated In-house Recruitment LIVE! highlight video is finally here! Click the video above to watch some of the best moments from the day and hear what our attendees, speakers and partners had to say. If this looks like something you’d like to be a part of next year, make sure you register your interest to ensure you’re first to receive all of our exclusive announcements and updates via the button below. We can’t wait to see you all next year!

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Keynote Sessions

Microsoft’s assessment process – optimised to hire tramsformational talent

Rick Sherlock, Microsoft

Manager Rick Sherlock talked about the tech giant’s initiative to hire transformational talent to accelerate its culture of diversity. He offered insight into how Microsoft is training its hiring community and recruiters to effectively assess the right attributes in applicants, while making sure they are inclusive of candidates of different profiles and backgrounds.

PANEL DISCUSSION: “What does the Future of Recruitment Look Like”

Telefonica Alpha,, Searchologist and Hired

This year’s In-house Recruitment LIVE! panel included speakers from our platinum event partners,, Hired and Lumesse, talk about the changes the future will bring to recruitment processes and how the industry needs to adapt to an increasingly technology-focused population. The discussion was later opened to the public, where fellow in-house recruiters shared their views and insights into what innovations they expect to happen in their field.

Act & Engage Differently to get Ahead in Recruitment

Jon Stanners, Telefonica Alpha

Processed job descriptions are not what attract candidates anymore. Candidates expect to learn how a job can help them develop, they want to be engaged with the employer throughout the application process. At In-house Recruitmet LIVE! 2017, Jon Stanners, Head of Global Talent Engagement at Telefonica Alpha, tells us how to transition to a new way of thinking to attract the best talent.

Getting Goosebumps with Recruitment Marketing

“Google” Dave Hazlehurst

By focusing on human behaviour and what makes people tick we can improve our recruitment marketing, believes Dave Hazlehurst, who delivered a keynote speech at In-house Recruitment LIVE! 2017. A good marketing campaign is one that connects emotionally and rationally with candidates. But in order to deliver that we must understand candidate behaviour and their experience on their journey with you as an organisation. Dave shares some examples of how good storytelling can create a happy candidate experience, which in turn will amplify your employer brand.

Room A

The Power of communities

David Yates, Grant Thornton

First-hand experiences on the impact communities can have on candidate and new joiner experience Key metrics to demonstrate the power of such communities Sharing the significant elements of our award winning candidate experience strategy Peer-to-peer coaching and the focus on collaboration and transparency.

How to create talent pipelines which cut your time to shortlist by 50%

Scott McRae, Candidate.ID

What do spear fishing and talent pipelining have in common? During the Disruptive Technology Quick Fire Session at In-house Recruitment LIVE! 2017, Candidate.ID co-founder Scott McRae demonstrated how his software can build and nurture a database of candidates for recruiters to interact with when in search of new talent. With the help of this pipelining tool, recruiters can identify the candidates that are most interested in their company and find the best match for them.

Delivering a killer candidate experience

Giles Heckstall-Smith, Jobtrain & Rob Devlin, mydentist

Ensuring a smooth experience during a job application is vital to bringing in as many candidates as possible, according to Giles Heckstall-Smith from Jobtrain and Rob Devlin from mydentist, who spoke at In-house Recruitment LIVE! 2017. A good candidate experience is dependent on many factors, including an attractive online brand presence (especially on social media), an interactive ATS and a positive interview experience. And technology is at the heart of ensuring all of this is possible.

Getting the most value out of every element in the recruitment supply chain

Steve McKenna, Hiring-Hub

In a market worth £30 billion a year, the number of recruitment agents is growing by the minute making it harder for an employer to choose the right match. Technology should help manage that relationship between employer and recruiter, but it most certainly not replace the human factor that is so vital to recruitment, according to Hiring Hub’s Steve McKenna, who spoke at In-house Recruitment LIVE! 2017.

How to generate more direct applications using an online strategy

Mark Stephens, Smart Recruit Online

Well written job adverts generate more than 3 times the number of applications than a job specification, said Mark Stephens from Smart Recruit Online, in his Disruptive Technologies Quick Fire Session at In-house Recruitment LIVE! 2017. A simple bullet point overview of a job is not enough to get a candidate interested in working with you, Mark said. Instead, employers should take a more holistic approach to creating a job advert, where they provide fun and exciting content (pictures, videos, testimonials) to attract even the passive candidates.

Social Recruiting In An Age Of Automation & Transparency

Katrina Collier, Searchologist

In an age where technology has given everyone a voice, it’s key that employers make sure every voice is heard, whether it’s that of an applicant or a reviewer. Social recruiter Katrina Collier advocates for the vital role social media and employer reviewing sites play in attracting talent.

The road to recruitment success

Claire Whiteford and Chantel Conley, Nationwide

Nationwide resourcing managers Claire Whiteford and Chantel Conley provided a case study of how their organisation developed a successful strategy to attract and retain the right candidates with the help of technology provider Lumesse.

How to really add value as an In-house Recruiter

Paul Slezak, RecruitLoop

RecruitLoop founder Paul Slezak outlines the difference between a recruiter and a talent acquisition specialist, and the need to move from the former to the latter in order to really add value to your company. Talent acquisition, according to Paul, is a lot like online marketing as it focuses on building a strong employer brand to attract the ideal candidates.

Are robots going to take our jobs? The future of work in a world of AI & robotics

Simon Wingate,

What are the jobs that are under threat of extinction by AI? Simon Wingate revealed a study has conducted into jobseekers’ views on how advanced technology will impact the job market. He also shared valuable insights on how we can adapt to a future of man and machine working together.

How to Hire Tech Candidates in a competitive market

Gordon Smith & Will Alexander, Hired

How can you resonate with IT and engineering candidates in order to get them excited about your job offer? Hired UK country manager Gordon Smith and Head of Talent Management Will Alexander shared their insights on what candidates want to hear from recruiters in the tech industry and how their expectations can be met.


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