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On the 10th September 2019, thousands of In-house Recruiters, industry visionaries and disruptors gathered for the return of the hugely successful In-house Recruitment Live London. This 1-day exhibition presented an abundance of opportunities for in-house recruiters to push boundaries and discover new and better ways of recruiting.

With a medley of high-value seminars, keynotes and panel debates, our unrivalled speaker line-up is hand-picked for their detailed industry knowledge and expertise to share the secrets of their success with us.







Just Some Of Our 2019 Speakers…

We discovered leading industry experts at In-house Recruitment Live London. Our speakers discussed some of the hottest topic trends in 2019 such as recruitment technology, diversity, employer branding, onboarding, metrics, candidate experience, tech talent and much more!

Keynote Presentation: Interview distributor: Tengai, the Unbiased Robot Interviewer


Tengai, the unbiased social job interview robot, have been taking the world by storm since its announcement in 2019. Why? Simply because unbiased recruitment is a real problem within recruitment today and the human mind need technical tools to mitigate bias and predict future potential.

Tengai is unbiased by design as she doesn’t see age, gender, clothing, backgrounds, and looks. She comes with inclusion and diversity software and performs blind interviews and then evaluates and measures soft-skills and personality traits. Tengai is redefining what an objective assessment of the interview process looks like by pushing recruitment tech to a new level and assisting recruiters and managers to make data-driven hiring decisions, instead of decisions based on gut feeling.

Tengai’s legacy is from the Swedish recruitment and staffing agency TNG, that has worked and developed an unbiased recruitment process for the past 15 years and is now taking the next step to try to disrupt the job interview. Introducing Tengai as an innovative tool that can be integrated into the recruitment process and make it less biased and fair for all candidates. In this keynote you will get to listen to why the job interview needs to be disrupted, how Tengai was born, her features, the challenges with teaching a robot how to recruit and develop a new form of candidate experience and lessons learned.

NEW FOR 2019. We announced our ‘Innovation Showcase’ stream as the newest addition to our London Live line-up!

We shared the people and technology behind the most exciting, forward-thinking, innovative advancements going on in the recruitment technology landscape TODAY. Created by those at the forefront in the market and utilising some of the most up-to-date technologies witness how these tools are able to radically alter some of the biggest areas in recruitment, including video, tech automation, chatbots, job ads, assessments, early careers and much more. In-house recruiters witnessed some of the hottest technologies in the industry right now.

2019 Highlights

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