KEYNOTE (16:00PM-17:00PM)

Derek Redmond

Derek Redmond, Thomas International

TOPIC: Gunning for gold; the mindset of a successful Olympic and World athlete

  • How to get the best out of the individual in order to make the team successful.
  • The correct mindset needed to succeed.
  • Understanding yourself as well as others in order to succeed.

One of Britain’s most famous athletes, Derek Redmond is a World and European relay champion. Having broken the British 400m record on two occasions, Derek was one of the country’s best athletes during the 1980s and 1990s. A key member of the relay squad that won gold at the 1991 World Championships in Tokyo, he competed at the highest level for over a decade.

At the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Derek became part of one of the most inspirational scenes in Olympic history. In the 400m semi-final Derek went into the race amongst the favourites but as he passed the 250m mark he tore his hamstring. Determined to finish the race he hobbled to the finish line with the help of his father as a 65,000-strong crowd cheered him on. This incident has since been voted one of the Olympics’ most inspirational moments by US network NBC and even referenced by Barack Obama in a presidential speech.

Derek’s story is truly inspiring and he now works as a motivational speaker and will share his remarkable story with In-house Recruitment LIVE! Manchester audiences for what is set to be an unmissable keynote presentation.


Nick Hutchinson

Main 1

Nick Hutchinson, Lumesse

James and Rob


James Coyle, SMRS and Rob Devlin, mydentist

Rowan Marriott


Rowan Marriott, Cygnet Health Care

Louise Utton


Louise Utton, Shop Direct

TOPIC: Continuous Innovation in Public Sector Recruitment

TOPIC: Uncovering mydentist’s Employer Proposition

TOPIC: A marketing, consumer approach to fill vacant roles

TOPIC: Digital tech talent: Shop Direct’s independent approach to their apprenticeship programme


Neil Millett

Main 2

Neil Millett,

Dave and Caroline, Creed


David Walstow and Caroline Hill, Creed Comms

Raj Lal


Raj Lal, Totaljobs

Joanna and Gail, EY


Gail Bishop and Joanna Clarke, EY

TOPIC: What your target talent really wants – understanding the candidate market

TOPIC: Building a World Class Employee Referral Programme

TOPIC: Finding the skills to boost productivity

TOPIC: Hiring career returners


Adam, Iain, Chris and Richard Update

Main 3

Iain Hamilton, Recruitment Bot

Richard Collins, ClickIQ

Adam Lindsay, Access Screening

Chris Rea, Prospects Hedd

Rob Symons


Rob Symons, Smart Recruiters

James Saunders


James Saunders, 4MAT

Richard Carrington


Richard Carrington, Gray Healthcare

Disruptive Technology – Quick Fire Talks

Four quick-fire talks, covering how some of the latest technologies can assist in your recruitment delivery. Topics include Chatbots, AI, Quantifying The Qualitative  – Automated Background Screening & more

TOPIC: Recruitment deserves its own Suite: Creating a holistic approach to recruitment processes

TOPIC: The ‘Amazon Effect’: The Future of Careers Sites

TOPIC: Using recruitment data to make better business decisions


Peter Gold

Main 4

Peter Gold, Cornerstone

Alan and Stan 200x200


Alan Walker, #ChatTalent & Stanislaw Wasowicz, Vonq

Claire Ronan


Claire Ronan, Wilko

Betty Encinales


Betty Encinales, Inspiring Search

TOPIC: Recruitment Automations: the end of inefficient recruiting

TOPIC: Predictive Hiring is no longer the future. It’s here and it’s here to stay!

TOPIC: Executive Talent – Elusive Creatures & How to Find Them

TOPIC: How to attract/engage and retain talent among graduates


Panel Discussion 200x200

Main 5

Ben Gledhill, Yodel

Neil Millett,

James Saunders, 4MAT

Nick Hutchinson, Lumesse

Kevin Green


Kevin Green, Good Recruitment Campaign

Adam Gordon


Adam Gordon, Candidate.ID

Joe Howell


Joe Howell, Blue Square Marketing

PANEL DISCUSSION: “How to beat the Talent shortage”

TOPIC: Why our jobs matter now more than ever before

TOPIC: Intelligent Talent Demand Generation #ZeroTimeToHire

TOPIC: Recruitment tools and technologies already at your disposal


Richard Hutchinson

Main 6

Richard Hutchinson, Capita

Grant Thornton LIVE


Michelle Woods & Laura Shelton, Grant Thornton

Steven King


Steven King, BLM

Alexandra Bairstow


Alexandra Bairstow, Alexandra Bairstow Consulting

TOPIC: Building a first class recruitment  experience for Candidates, Hiring Managers & Recruiters

TOPIC: Providing improved quality hires through enhanced assessment and selection

TOPIC: How to create and refine a direct sourcing strategy

TOPIC: Social Recruiting Success


Peter Hogg

Main 7

Peter Hogg, Schneider Electric

Stuart McKenna


Stuart McKenna, Manchester Metropolitan University

Sam Jackson


Sam Jackson, Mencap

Iain Hamilton


Iain Hamilton, Recruitment Bot

TOPIC: Flexibility: The Future of Employment

TOPIC: Equality & Diversity: Beyond Policy and Compliance to Inclusion

TOPIC: Managing volume recruitment under high business pressure

TOPIC: Recruitment Technology using Chatbots in your Recruitment Strategy

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