Steve Smith

10:00 – 10:45

Steve Smith, VP (UKI & EMEA), Sterling Talent Solutions

Steve Smith is VP (UKI & EMEA) for Sterling Talent Solutions and is primarily responsible for engaging businesses in discussions around how to drive onboarding efficiency and hiring compliance whilst enhancing the candidate experience during the recruitment process.  Steve has 12 years’ experience across Sales and Resourcing and an excellent understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by HR teams as they seek to attract, on-board and retain talent in their organisations. Steve has brings his combined strategic and operational, solutions driven, experience to Sterling Talent Solutions to ensure that we partner our customers at every stage of the process and ensure that they appoint and on-board the best candidates time after time!

TOPIC: Social Media Background Screening: Risks and Rewards

 According to the 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey, 92% of recruiters are leveraging social media in the recruiting process. With 56% saying some of their best candidates are sourced through social networks, it’s important to fully understand your limitations and liabilities when using social media in the background screening phase of recruitment.

  • Who you should include in a social media background search and why
  • What a thorough social media and online background search includes and how it can reduce your risk for negligent hiring
  • How to ensure compliance by ensuring what information you can, and cannot, consider in your hiring decision

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